Harnessing the power of AI for Legal Ops

Legal departments within an organization are always busy going over and reviewing a large volume of executed contracts, contracts that are ready for execution or reviewing third party paper the organization is accepting

Most times they are trying to surface the following

– Do we have contracts with auto-renewal clauses?
– Are we putting the organization at risk by accepting third party paper?
– Where are the amendments of a particular Master Service Agreement?

Start looking at your legal teams to provide commercial and strategic advice rather than they spending a lot of their precious time going over the tons of documents and trying to find what they are looking for to analyze. Let technologies like Artificial intelligence along with supervised and unsupervised machine learning take over the process of going through your contracts and finding out the key information

Talk to us today on how AI powered Smart Contract Analytics can empower your legal operations. For more information, visit https://www.docskiff.ai

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