Helping Legal Ops with AI based Variance Scorecard across contracts

Contract reviews are highly time consuming and tedious and takes away a lot of time of legal operations within any organization. While there are tools to help with the review process, most of them are either primitive or not very accurate when comparing the executed or to be executed contracts with the legal vetted standard templates. 

At Docskiff, we researched and came up with a unique feature called Clause Analysis and scoring that uses Semantic AI to analyze each and every clause of the executed contract with the standard template and provide a deviance score. This deviance score is arrived not just by checking what is added and what is removed in the clause but by understanding the context behind the changes. While Semantic AI cannot rule out the need for human intervention it does save a lot of legal ops time by doing the heavy lifting and enabling legal teams to just focus on the most deviated clauses based on the score.

We have now extended this feature to produce a Variance Scorecard for all the clauses across a set of contract documents instead of just analyzing one at a time. This will help legal teams to have an instant birds eye view of all the contracts and how the obligations are deviating across the contracts and take necessary remedial measures instantly.

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